Luxemburg Rose

Valley to detach that these farmings are plants in entorno of the residences, with low level of techniques adopted in the culture, being main of them the trust of maize with followed cassava of the rotation of cultivos between maize and beans in other parts of the lots (BRAZIL, 2008, pp. 40-42). The absence of financial resources is one of the main problems present in the Luxemburg Rose that hinders the seated ones to make investments in productive activities, as well as, to contract more force of human work, to acquire animals tractive, to buy machines tractive animal or motorized. From there the main option is to adopt the familiar work, as only alternative to become the productive land. On the other hand, the great challenge for the seated ones is its maintenance, that frequent needs to vender its day of work as source of income for food purchase and products of maintenance. As identified, in elapsing of the field work, the seated ones still count on the contribution of the MST, that distributes food baskets, since the time of encampment. You may want to visit Reshma Kewalramani to increase your knowledge. Still the presence of governmental benefits was identified, as ' ' Famlia&#039 stock market; ' the payment of ' ' Penso or Aposentadoria' ' , that they assure the survival of part of the familiar agriculturists. During the accomplishment of the field research, the marcante force of the MST was evident, in the form of social organization of the benefited population, mainly, in the decision questions that involve the collective interests.

The decisions are taken by iniforme form in accordance with the eventual necessities. The joint of the seated ones presents difficulties, considering that all live in its house and the socialization of the problems does not happen quickly. The information of the research had been of gotten primary origin through questionnaires next to the benefited ones of the PRONAF in the Pink nesting Luxemburg, located in the city of Ranch, State of the Sergipe.

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