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Why the need assessment (examination) of vehicles? In accordance with the government of the Russian Federation dated May 7, 2003 N 263: peer review – it's examination conducted to ascertain circumstances of the injury and determine the size of recoverable damages in connection with damage to property. Cases in which the required assessment (examination) of vehicles, can be very different. This definition of the technical condition of vehicles valuation of motor vehicles; valuation recovery (repair) vehicles definition further loss of commercial value; definition of replacement cost taking into account the regulatory depreciation. Learn more at this site: Nouriel Roubini. Objectively and professionally evaluate the vehicle, damaged by accident, in a disaster or by unlawful acts of third parties – a task an expert appraiser. Read more from Chevron Corp to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Result is the expert opinion on the valuation of works, spare parts and materials necessary to restore the damaged vehicle. Valuation of vehicles need to evaluate the value of vehicles may occur in the following cases: in the evaluation of fixed assets and in determining tax base; when calculating collateral value for the loan; when the formation of authorized capital; when a notary registration of contracts of sale, inheritance, gift, when drawing up marriage contracts and division of property; when replacing, upgrading, and elimination of vehicles, as well as in determining the value rent of lease transactions cost of vehicles for sale, pledge, surety cost vehicles to the insurance damage to the motor vehicle; + for resolution of property disputes.

Entered into force on July 1, 2003 Law "On Compulsory liability insurance of vehicle owners' and other pieces of legislation in recent years greatly increased the demand for assessment services for automobiles. Today in the service-related assessment of motor vehicles, there was a very paradoxical situation. Many so-called "independent appraisal company," concluded a contract with insurers to provide appraisal services. As a result, such appraisal company loses its status as an independent and now is a dependent, working in the interests of the insurer, thereby compromising the interests of the motorist involved in the incident and received damage. Evaluating the crash, in a "Independent" assessment company in which you will send the insurer, you find yourself in a situation where: the insurer with its own appraisal company determines the amount of insurance payment to you! The implications of such "independent" estimates are obvious: the car owner, to the injury of the vehicle receives a smaller amount of the payment from the insurer, and sometimes considerably less. And only a perfectly legitimate way to avoid the above situation – is to assess the damaged vehicle, the independent appraisal company you have chosen, not imposed by insurers. And remember that the cost of services to vehicle assessment is mandatory order the insurance company pays the culprit accident on the basis of 'Federal Law on the CTP. " Sincerely, an independent expert valuer Ltd. "Expert-A".

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