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valuescope examined eValueator the mood on the basis of his analysis tools over a four week period on the Microbloggingservice Twitter on the subject of ‘Stuttgart 21’. Munich, November 4, 2010 the German media was in the last weeks and months, strongly influenced by the discussions about the planned project of the German railway Stuttgart 21 “marked. valuescope, specialist in the field of semantic information processing, took this as an opportunity to examine the mood on this subject on the basis of his analysis tools eValueator Microbloggingservice Twitter over a period of four weeks. The valuescope eValueator analyzes the Tweets using new semantic technologies and automatically categorized these into positive, neutral and negative statements. Total nearly 10,000 German-speaking posts on this topic on Twitter have been published within a period of one month (26.09-26.10.2010). Rather the police intervention was the dominant theme during the investigation period in the context of Stuttgart 21 “and has greatly contributed to that the Twitternutzern general sentiment is mostly negative.

Substantive discussions took place only on the edge. Although some surveys the general mood for Stuttgart 21 “more balanced review, suggest the results in this study, that the police operation has affected the mood very negative towards. Based on the latest semantic language analysis technology monitors, analyses and assesses finsearch360.com solution eValueator tens of thousands of online news and over a million automated social media sources (blogs, forums, social networks, micro-blogs and online discussions). As a partner of agencies in the fields of PR, advertising and marketing, valuescope delivers the solution for meaningful analysis of online media. The full study is available at: valuescope_Stuttgart 21_de_29.10.2010.pdf about valuescope 2007 by Siegfried Lautenbacher, 20 years of successful entrepreneur in the IT services sector, founded, was the valuescope GmbH under the pioneers, the semantics (automated Spracherkennung/-Verarbeitung) use for market-oriented applications in the business environment to automatically filter out meaningful relationships from a variety of sources. Initially information services specialized in the banking and insurance sector, valuescope expanded its range to set the standard for intelligent, Semantic Web applications across all sectors to support sales. Valuescope GmbH has its headquarters in Munich and has offices in Los Angeles, United States, and Cluj, Romania. Contact: Stefan Bergler Deputy Managing Director valuescope GmbH + 49 / 89 / 520 3563 153

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