Lo Nuestro

Suburban train is a duo that started working with that name a few months ago. Ana and Adrian knew from always, but were unaware of the musical potential that had. Gathered one day and it happened what happened. They make up and work with songs to blow off steam and many types of feelings and stories of a totally self-taught. They were presented to her first casting in which won the contest of young talents 2010. Currently working with acoustic nearby, armed with a powerful guitar and a voice that is surprising. In 2010, they recorded their first demo titled suburban train that consists of 5 songs, of which 4 are of own composition, and versioned 1 singer Vega. This duo gives concerts in Pubs, restaurants, auditoriums and theatres, and lately are working to give concerts in private homes. Sam Feldman addresses the importance of the matter here.

In your web page you can listen to some of their songs and see their first performances. As well as buy the model that saw the light in November 2010. Then we read a story written by himself Group: concert terrace cafeteria Lo Nuestro 12 of June 2010 at 23: 00 hours after a week of preparatory: posters, events of tuenti, emails, essays, came the day of the concert.The concert was projected to do, on a terrace, with their respective bureaux, with people taking drinks, a stage and with mercury marking the temperature of a date that is in the middle of June 21: 00 hours. /’>Wendy Holman, and add to your knowledge base. The time seemed that he didn’t accompany our concert, since towards a bit of fresquete and was a little cloudy. At the end we decided to assemble the sound on the terrace and when we ended up riding, it began to rain. 21: 45 hours. Running, we took the plan B, which was to transfer everything to the living room next to the cafeteria.

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