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Beautiful crystal chandeliers have always been a sign of high style and good taste. This chandelier will emphasize the dignity of every interior and submit it to the owner at its best. In order to not only decorate, but also look dignified and respectable. In Minsk, you can get a great crystal chandelier chandelier or in our store. Variety of designs of crystal chandeliers from the Czech companies to satisfy even the most sophisticated clients – at We always have plenty to choose from.

We are working with design studios, construction companies, offices and service providers on interior design – we offer our products to wholesale and retail. Visit our dedicated store, you will realize how rich the world of lamps and fixtures, a huge variety of designs we are ready to offer you. How large crystal chandeliers and bronze light fixtures, and more democratic options present in our proposal. For other opinions and approaches, find out what ECRI has to say. In our store the products of Czech companies Preciosa, Bydzov, Elite Bohemia, ArtGlass. All chandeliers are refined design, different size and power, so that you can choose to have exactly the product that suited to the interior of a room and meet your taste. If you are concerned about the quality of crystal chandeliers in our store, you can be sure – they are all excellent quality and will last you a long time.

We are working only with reputable manufacturers who have earned a good name in the world of crystal chandeliers and other lighting devices, so they can be trusted. If you like quality products, but do not want to pay extra money – our company is what you need. With us is to deal with, we never let our customers. You’ll really like how our products and our level of service. We find for each client individual approach, so none of us are not ignored. Crystal chandelier will look great in a classical setting. But do not forget about the technical standards, experts say the optimal capacity of 100 W for every 5 meters!. All chandeliers and wall lamps, floor lamps, table lamps, and much more can be viewed on our website. Background! Ordering information Czech chandeliers from the company Preciosa: Let us consider a concrete example: S 0524/00/09 1) The first letter designates the type A chandelier with horns lyusiry W-wall T – Table Lamp C – chandelier-polukorziny B – Chandeliers-Baskets P – chandeliers without horns F – light fixtures 2) The second letter denotes the category of S – Crystal Symphony C – Bohemian Classic E – Enamel Romance L – Light Elegance M – Maria Theresa B – Brilliant R – Royal Heritage 3) 1st group of numbers represents a model number 4) 2nd group of numbers indicates the number of variants of crystal pendants 5) third group of numbers – number of bulbs we get that parsed in the example is the chandelier chandelier-polukorzina from the collection Bohemian Classic 0524 from suspension-type light bulbs 00 to 9 Ordering information chandeliers from the Czech firm Elite Bohemia: It is much simpler. Just remember that this chandelier L-, N-bras, S-table lamps. After the letter is set digits of the 1st set – chandeliers, lamps, etc. 2nd set of numbers – number of bulbs 3rd – type suspension at the end of signs may be more letters: N-nickel coating H – Chrome K – kondelyabr Pt – Platinum coating Zl – gold plating, for example: L 715/12/05 – chandelier 715 of 12 light bulbs with pendant type 05.

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