Keiichiro Kobayashi

According to the theories of Ackerloff: A realistic standard deemed the consumption behavior as directly dependent on income rather than given wealth. The standard theory tells us that under somewhat special conditions only consumption depend on wealth, which is the current value of assets plus the discounted value of future yields. So there is no tendency of people to spend according to the pattern of his receipt of income (provided that their wealth is given). Changes in the pattern of your current income to maintain the constant richness, are neutral in their effects on current consumption… We have lived more than one decade under these special conditions false wealth thinking that our apartment had doubled in value, we think a euphoria, which must be one of the causes of going beyond our means and as all artificial euphoria just paying with a hangover. The current problem is that the resources generated by the industry in Spain are not intended for the moment new investments to the productive circuit – are intended to result is. Few companies have capacity to be able to leverage financially, being probably the only ones to whom banks would now provide money. In Spain there are indices that show us that we have hit bottom, except in GDP, the drop in consumption and in the lowering of industrial investments for this reason it is very interesting – to review the lessons of the lost decade in Japan, to Richard Koo, there are two types of recessions, which are the natural result of economic cycle (monetary policy is usually the best remedy) and which are due to problems of solvency in the balance of companies (the main priority for companies is no longer maximize profits but to reduce debt, which requires a forceful fiscal policy response) in addition to Keiichiro Kobayashi, there is a point that the Government measures are of no use if not they have set banks bills (to its current valuation and toxic cleaning) instability is a constant aggravated by incomplete information and the lack of regulation.

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