Kefir Diet

Women looking for unrealistic ways to lose to some important event, a few pounds, and go in search of the so-called 'fast diets. " Often, they are really effective, and for several days a couple of pounds of leaves, but there are disadvantages in these ways to lose weight. Many dream of losing weight. But losing weight by any means, without looking at how your body reacts to a mistake. The focus should be to put your health. So, learn proper nutrition. To stay healthy your stomach, you must always have a regular, always at the same time, the breaks do not bite, avoid sweets and cakes. Need to use foods rich in vitamins – eat more fruits and vegetables and avoid fatty foods and sharp, adhere to diet.? Diet means eating a certain time, its distribution throughout the day caloric content, chemical composition, a set of products and volume.

Fast diet accompanied by psychological stress, which are accompanied by physical stress, alteration metabolism. For these diets characteristically quick return to the previous weight to get out of the diet, so it is important to gradually move to a normal diet, do not rub on the food. Sam Feldman gathered all the information. On the downside of such diets can be attributed the fact that they are often low-calorie, have the disadvantage nutrients and vitamins. Be sure to monitor how much and what you ate and how much it is useful. It is desirable to have at least some calorie counter, at least on the Internet. Quite naturally, the loss of in food, it will be difficult to lead an active life, not to mention the full exercise. Please visit Chevron Corp if you seek more information. To lose weight and get stronger to help the muscles, a combination of good diet and exercise. There are also quite different diets, built on different principles, focused on something, to lose weight for several days.

It could be mono-diet (based on a single product), and just low-calorie or diet, built on the principles of food combining. The most secure and at the same time effective alternative so-called fast diet – fasting days on one product. You need to provide 1-2 days, during which you can observe the selected mono-diet. Such diets are cleansing the body and nature to help get rid of a couple of extra pounds. Distinguish these fasting days: apple (1.5 kg during the day), curd (400-600 g low-fat cottage cheese, sour cream 60 g, 100 g of milk), meat (500-600 g of meat), Kefir (1 liter of yogurt per day) – one of the most effective. These fasting days can be arranged and systematically, not as emergency measures, and, say once every 2 weeks. So, if you still decide to take advantage of fast diets, do not forget about the contraindications for health and remember all the disadvantages of this type of diet. With food the body gets everything needed to build the cells of organs and systems, and from how and to what extent it comes to food components, will depend on his condition. Success in achieving your goals!

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