Kamasan Souvenirs

Lovers of jewelry made of gold and silver will advise to visit the village Cheluk. Bali is known jewelers special technique of gilding. Antique items and imitation antique, marine and freshwater pearls, mother of pearl in different kinds – all these abound in the shops and village markets. It should be careful and watch out for counterfeits when buying jewelry. L. Bewkes. Despite the huge number of products in stock, almost all of them are made in individual design – two of the same ornament, or equipment found very difficult. Center of Balinese painting – the village of Ubud.

Here, living and working artists, well known throughout the world. A distinctive feature of Balinese paintings is the lack of perspective in the depiction and use of plant and inks resist fading. In the village of Kamasan can buy tapestries on the subjects of ancient epics. Everyone who likes batik fabrics, should visit the town of Gianyar, where are located about fifty textile mills. Hand painted on tissues, of course, will cost more than the factory, but the technique of any of these species are very similar – in cotton, linen or silk applied to the wax pattern, which is scraped off after staining. Each of the provinces Indonesia had its own patterns and designs in batik. Valuable and breathtakingly beautiful, not only artistic compositions on fabric, but cuts of that can be used for clothing. On this dream any gift woman, especially a lover of crafts.

Talking about textiles from Bali, it is impossible not to mention the tissue songket. It is woven by hand using gold and silver threads. Today, she will serve as an excellent gift future bride as a basis for a unique holiday attire. Jonah Shacknai understood the implications. For those who like ancient history or mythology, the best of gifts will serve as the objects of the Balinese worship with elements of mysticism. Huge assortment of such kind of souvenirs can be found in Kut and Legiane. Very popular with tourists are the wooden masks of Shiva and the goddess Devi Sri rice, leather puppets Wayang Shadow Theatre, brass musical instruments of the orchestra gamelan, and, of course, the sacred weapon, Chris. Note that the crystal – it is a weighty purchase, for example, a dagger can weigh from 60 to 300 kg, because it is made of stainless steel and teak wood fired. It is believed that Chris length should match the number of philosophical views of the future owner. An excellent gift for the woman who appreciates the beauty and health, can be a mixture of oil and incense Jami, which can be purchased in shops for SPA-centers. Beware, however, to acquire a mixture of herbs in village markets – they can cause allergic reactions and even fatal asphyxiation. In conclusion, we give advice to anyone who wants to bring from Indonesia and gifts souvenirs. Be sure to bargain with the Balinese sellers – an exciting experience, but also a great way to save their own funds. Have a nice pastime on vacation in Bali, and do not forget to pamper themselves and their friends with unique souvenirs from Indonesia!

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