Italian Republic Capital

Ski resorts ItaliiITALIYa – Official name: Italian Republic Capital – Rome Language – Italian Area – 301.2 thousand square meters. km Time – behind Moscow for 2 hours. Location: The country is situated in the south Europe. The northern part of Italy occupied the southern Alps. The longest chain of alpine mountains stretches along the border with France, Italy, Austria and Switzerland, Slovenia – in the northeast. Washed by the Tyrrhenian Sea – by west, the Adriatic – in the east, the Mediterranean – in the south.

Ski resorts in Italy – is the abundance of diverse, interesting and scenic trails. Ski resorts in Italy – it is 1220 km. mountain ranges, glaciers, alpine meadows and picturesque valleys. Ski resorts in Italy – is the highest peak in Western Europe: Mont Blanc on the border with France (Courmayeur), Monte Rosa and the Matterhorn on the border with Switzerland (Cervinia). And finally, the ski resorts of Italy – it is modern, well furnished recreation area with well-trained, diverse tracks and the complexity of many cable cars that connect to each other resorts. Produce large regions with a single system subscriptions, which allows even more diversified skating, moving from resort to resort. Huge selection of pistes attracts both novices and professionals. Italy is one of the first places Sites European skiers. It held a large number of international competitions at the highest level – World Championships, World Cups. Ski resorts in Italy can be divided into two large territorial groups: the western and eastern.

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