Introduction To Internet Business

'Introduction to Online Business' by Andrew Krivenko site: start all over again … I was interested in the Internet in August 2007, in short, quite recently. But interest in them only because they spent online at work, and I had to learn to receive and send e-mail well, and so on … And after about a month I began to understand what the Internet, what opportunities are opening up before us using the World Wide Web! Okay, I will not go into all the details, I will say only that by October I have not only learned how to use email and search engines, but also began to pay attention to the very enticing banners, some of this kind: Work on the Internet, Earnings of $ 30 day, well, etc. I became very interested, but as it worked on a computer 2-3 hours a day, you can earn such money? I very much time had been deceived by fraud, though nothing I regret, because it was personal experience that not compare with any theory! After all his failures and attempts to earn money on the internet, I came to one single conclusion that for just so no one will pay money, the more so as usually promise. I started hard to learn all sorts of sources of information dedicated to promotion of sites, optimize the site that is hosting, domain, server, learned how to use online payment systems, in general, I set myself goal, learn how to earn money through Internet! I'll tell you honestly, I was not very easy to understand in this ocean of information that falls off at us when we start your browser.

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