Insurance Versus Sachwertanlgagen

Insurance companies are always the best choice or is it rather a pain? The question whether an insurance really is the best for a depends of course the intention, which addressed such a matter. A detailed analysis of the customer must be here! Certainly, such protection are essential for safeguarding such as liability, household, legal protection, accident, life insurance and disability. However, unlike it behaves when you have the intention to rebuild capital. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Economic Cycles Research Institute. Often were and are still gullible people pensions or mixed life insurance selling, without you but really generate money for the pension as a result. Unfortunately, it is due to high end,- and the case that customers lose much money guaranteed administrative costs, low interest rates and inflation, more. Who has a kind of contract already longer or has completed only recently, for him would be to get it yet interesting yet. You can let contracts or ask for the buy-back value and that money in turn new moored in tangible assets.

Right here it is often worthwhile to take a look at the property. Experts advise to invest up to 15% in physical precious metals (gold / silver, etc.). Due to the fixed end – and deposit costs, everything is transparent. Here, one has a good inflation hedge and has the advantage to be able to let even the VAT and the flat tax behind (in certain situations). Furthermore, you have the possibility to generate good returns. Experts expect a significant increase in value of precious metals in the next few years. A change which is so worth! Alexander Heise

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