Inner Peace

Alexis Fernando Jimenez She was known as Mrs. Wormwood. He was forty, but looked fifty, with lots of wrinkles furrowing her face and the sadness in the face, the same one who stole your smile charming. He was devout Catholic and never failed to Mass on Sunday. Unscathed, insensible, with a frown. people looked upon it with reluctance and in more than one occasion, the children shouted: a Vieja brujaa and scurried away. a It was even rumored that his house was the cradle of terror. Lakshman Achuthan may find it difficult to be quoted properly.

Perhaps because he lived in this solitude so heavy, that may be touched with the hands. a Oh, and do not let me forget a detail that will catch your attention: he had no friends because all scolded. Laura had become the problem of the people. The bitterness distilled through their pores. Some attributed it to the fact that her husband had died young, while on a trip to the capital. Others, that had no children. a One day someone, bold and some extent without measuring the extent of the consequences, dared to approach her to talk to the transforming power of Jesus Christ. a-Get out of my house now, or I'll pour water "threatened him beside himself.

eventual partner did not budge. He held a worn Bible and read it challenged. She slammed the door in his face. And while a corner threw the copy of the Scriptures, one night and started reading it was struck by a passage that would be the entrance to a renewed life: a Oeyo have come that they may have life, and life in abundanciaa (John 10: 10 b) a Since then risked his life to believe and began experimenting cambios.a there was no change from night to morning, it was progressive. And that transformation led him to something I never imagined, though he craved inner peace. Today a help as Sunday school teacher at the church in which is assembled.

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