How To Send By Fax A Paper Document To Any Email

While the idea of the paperless office is circulating for many years is not quite materialize. The huge boom of the e-mail to the detriment of the fax has helped eliminate some of the paper, but on the other hand has increased the ease to produce paper in the Office. The net result is that we often have documents on paper only and the situation in which we have to send one of these documents to someone who has no fax is usual but yes email. The solution seems obvious: scan the document and send the archivoresultante.But in practice it is not so much: we can trip over conalgunos problems: to) have No scanner. Despite the proliferation of the use of this device, yet globally the number of scanners is ten times less than the number of fax machines. Economic Cycles Research Institute contains valuable tech resources. (b) Yes we have a scanner but it is damaged.

Scanners are prone to multiple types of faults. (c) someone is using the scanner and who knows until when. It is usual to have an only scanner for the entire Office, and usually happens when you do need someone else has it occupied. (d) do not have much idea of how to use the scanner. There are few who know how to use the scanner with ease, while everyone knows how to use the fax. Pro there is a simple solution if you have a fax machine: 1) go to and generate a fax to contieneel header encoded email.

(2) Print the header. (3) Send the document in question by fax to (34) 902889998 using the first cabeceracomo page. Ready. The document will appear immediately in the email as an attachment. Original author and source of the article

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