How To Choose A Diesel Generator

Thing of the past while the generators were used only in large, large industrial enterprises. To date, the sale offers a large number of generators with different technical characteristics, buying a person can forget about the failures and forced outages. Where to buy? In today's newspapers and magazines can often be read through the advertisements gsm alarm system", "elite household appliances, "the ad with the text" diesel and gasoline generators. But then the question arises, what to prefer diesel or gasoline generators? Much will depend, to a room you're looking for diesel generator. If you need a generator for an apartment, then in this case fits gasoline generator, if the office, cottage or country house, it is best to purchase a diesel generator.

How to calculate its power? Choice of capacity will depend on what appliances should work simultaneously during a power outage, you also need to calculate the maximum total capacity of these appliances. At the same time must keep in mind that the nominal capacity of the generator must not be higher by more than 20 -30% of the total maximum power of electrical appliances. Because, in this case, the generator will be consume significantly more fuel than usual, and his work will not cost effective. Please note that the increase in the total maximum power devices compared with a nominal capacity of the generator will be facilitate its transfer. When you select a generator, there is another important point, diesel generators can be divided into two types: low-speed and High-speed generators. Which to choose? Rotational speed a low-speed shaft generator is 1500 rpm, while high-speed 3000 rpm.

In that case, if you plan to operate the generator is no more than 450-550 Moto – hours per year, it is best that you purchase high-speed diesel generator. If you plan to spend more moto-hours, your best bet is to buy low-speed diesel generators. But it often happens that buying a rather expensive unit is not seem possible or does it need to be used for a short time. Such a need can meet lease diesel generators, which are offered by many companies involved in the implementation of this equipment. A similar service is available at any time. The company has, by which the proposed lease diesel power units are usually available for use in any climatic conditions, for dc electricity where there is no centralized power, wherever possible failures in the primary source of electrical energy. Today diesel generators are available in versions suitable for the tropics north or marine environments. They are stationary and portable and are produced in special noise absorbing housing. Diesel generators are reliable units, often helping out people in under extreme conditions. Having at its disposal an autonomous power source, you can not worry about spoilage of food, medical termination of operations, shortages of water, etc. The main thing – it's select the desired unit of power, that it will last for generating the required amount of electrical current, and a suitable price range.

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