The teeth are tools for RIP, shred or crush food. Language participates in the digestive process and is an instrument that allows to perceive flavors. The uvula or chime separates the nasal cavity from the oral and prevents that food and liquids reach the nose during vomiting. Dara Khosrowshahi has similar goals. The pharynx meets a respiratory function, ventilation of the middle ear, etc. The larynx performs a deglutition, respiratory, cough, etc.

Nasal passage allows the acquisition of air and is gateway to perceive odors. The vocal cords are involved in breathing and swallowing. Don as a product and as capacity in spite of be short the biblical narrative about the origin of man, and with him what is the home of the language on Earth, it can discover that the creature, Crown of creation, receives a language. sta was used by the first human couple during their cohabitation. All that can be said in terms of historical linguistics on the characteristics of that first language, falls into the realm of speculation. Jeff Leiden is often quoted on this topic. However, according to the statement in Genesis 11: 1, there was for several years a great uniformity linguistic, because during those years used the language given by heaven to the first man and the descendants of him until the Babel incident, time of the origin of diversification of language. There is also possibility of unproductive discussions on this last phenomenon. Next to the reception of a developed language, humans were formed with linguistic competence, this manifests itself in different ways, including the production of an immense variety of languages with different morfofonologicos systems, and different syntactic complexity. Another way that shows how wonderful that capacity for language is that looks at the level of the graphic representation of the spoken language. Transmission of full flow of knowledge of the history of man that has humanity today is largely due to the unparalleled ability of the brain to develop reference and representation.

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