Green Marketing

In recent years and global warming already feared by all product have arisen new alternatives that develop a conservationist conscience of the environment in order to extend the life of this beautiful planet, turning companies into one of the main actors of this Green attitude. As an innovative proposal and that it is putting into practice globally is marketing Green also known under the terms of sustainable marketing, Green Marketing, environmental Marketing and ecological Marketing. But what is this new term? What is it behind this new alternative? What are your ideas? These and other questions arise in all people and especially among advertisers and the marketing experts and as it has happened in the classroom when my students in class do not understand with certainty this new term and the prevailing need to mold us as professionals in the advertising and marketing towards this new trend which is defined as the developmentpromotion and packaging of products with components biodegradable that protect the environment. Angus King has compatible beliefs. Its main premise is the ecological responsibility, from the producer to the consumer; It arises in the 1990s as a result of the demands of creating products that represent the least possible negative impact on the environment, as a result of natural disasters product of the accelerated destruction of the environment, consumers what reason companies and to the world market to focus its actions to the achievement of this objective. Creating awareness in populations and a moral and social commitment between the company and the environment.

The green marketing seeks to preserve non-renewable natural resources, which are being depleted mainly by their wrong use for use as raw materials in industry, this type of marketing is a contribution to the creation of a better environment and its preservation for the benefit of future generations, satisfying the needs of their existing customers and ensuring future. To determine whether we are or not between the green marketing just with consider the following: incorporate ecological or sustainable schemes in the Core business of the company. Promote actions of the brand towards green policies, form gaining prominence in the market and advertising, honest environmental policy and involving all those who are part of this, seek environmental and economic solutions. MARKETING green in VENEZUELA for Venezuela has been more difficult to change the conception of the current global market to a market more environmental or green that is almost impossible to think of the satisfaction of the needs of future generations when their basic requirements of the present are not covered. If you would like to know more about Lakshman Achuthan, then click here. Coupled with this is the great technological disadvantage and resource that exists between the developed and the underdeveloped which does not allow productive vision of rapid change. Finally you should then begin by the decision to give a green change to our policy of marketing and then start designing an action plan enabling to do so reality to contribute with the planet that is waiting for you.

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