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The tertiary sector (services) since years 1960 has been the sector most important of the Brazilian economy in terms of generated wealth. In this year, it was responsible for 50,1% of the GIP and 22,5% of the jobs to the step that in 2008 was responsible for 66,2% of the GIP and 57,6% of the jobs. Although to have had one strong acceleration of the process of industrialization of the country in years 1970, the sector of services did not lose importance in the Brazilian economy in this period. In contrast, if it configured as example very clearly of the transformation of the society and the economy of Brazil. In the bulge of these transformations, the incomes of the work and the redistribution of these incomes had also passed for considerable changes in this period. Of the years of 1970 until the end of years 1990 the incomes of until a wage and way had passed of 77,1% of the existing jobs in the country for 45%. At the same time, the wage-earners with incomes above of three minimum wages had passed of 9% of the force of work in 1970 for 28,7% in 2000.

In recent years he has had a trend of increase of the jobs with incomes up to one and half minimum wage fruit in such a way of the fact to have the generation of jobs with lesser remuneration how much for the process of valuation of the verified minimum wage in the last one decade. In 2009, 16.4% of the jobs age of income above of three minimum wages, 24.9% of income between 1,5 and three minimum wages and 58.7% with wages up to 1,5 minimum wage. The changes in our economy have much to see with the stabilization of prices that was reached with great difficulty and to a very high cost for the Brazilians. However, the sacrifices had been valid and are being valid very the penalty. The incomes are improving, the people are having surrounding of very better work of what it has forty years, the efforts of the workers are very lesser and the perspective of life of the people in general is very better. The Brazilian very glimpses a better future of the glimpsed age has some decades. She is necessary to make much more, the structural change of our economy must continue changing, incorporating new technologies, increasing the productivity of the work and increasing the incomes of the Brazilian workers.

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