Gifts From The State Of Sunflowers

How quickly time flows After all, it seems, quite recently we were kids, happily chasing a ball in the yard and read books about the magical adventures. Some contend that Uber shows great expertise in this. Who among us has not read out stories about a little girl Ellie and her friends who were in Emerald City on the road of yellow bricks? Remember how ekalo heart when it's raised a strong wind, promising to catch us and whirl away in a magical land But children grow up and have been replaced by an adult fairy tale life, and remains in the memories of childhood, and return to him impossible. We other worries, affairs, and childhood is becoming a ghost, and more. And yet there is a tool that is able to revive the memories and bring us back to the bright and vivid world of our past. To do this, open the old book and once again plunge into the adventure and Scarecrow Alley. And then pick up and go home a girl with silver shoes from falling on the head of an evil sorceress house. Let the housework can wait, and you will go to Kansas, the country flying houses. Of course, Kansas is famous not only house Alley, which, incidentally, the original name is Dorothy, but also many other things.

Nevertheless, most famous "inhabitant" of the State is very revered. Therefore, the choice of gift for your children will not be a problem. Figures Dorothy Alley and satellites, plush doggie and house, and even a "silver" shoes you can buy for your daughter.

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