German Robert Wagner

The Euskaltel crowned with a margin of half a minute on the Italian, margin that remained on the descent and knew dnder to the finish line of the Gran Via (in a path identical, incidentally, to the spectacular and very recommendable March cicloturista Bilbao-Bilbao). The fans, incredible at the end, 41 seconds of mattress. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Economic Cycles Research Institute by clicking through. Backward, in the fight for the leadership, the Sky quickly put to Bradley Wiggins to pull Froome (inversion of roles at the beginning of the round), the British was perhaps slow to attack, but did so with such force that fumbled around the small group of chosen except Juanjo Cobo, impassive, without gloves or goggles and helmet with a twisted air. He was failing the bet and Froome hesitated so much that he clung to his intercom looking a what do I do and did not throw on the descent to at least try to fight for the eight seconds that clears the third on a goal to which the illustrious took to arrive a minute and half more than Anton. If you play you a career, and attack the bet has to be total and absolute. Another step of Cobo to win this round and above all, a major psychological blow to Froome and its Sky, which only the stage on Saturday left Vitoria way, with multiple ports (Karabieta, Elosua, Kampazar), but the last one, the tremendous Urkiola, 50 km from the finish line. Perhaps too much. But to continue the celebration of cycling.

After the stage, many runners squad were amazed with the environment. Basque fans are incredible, the rise had a hellish environment. It has been great, he confessed the German Robert Wagner, the man in the confusion of the roundabout path of Haro and debutant on the roads of the Basque country. And I’ve won in Bilbao, the capital of the world, he joked Anton, pulling bilbainada.

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