French Crisis

Queues for bread, 15 million unemployed, and 5 million farmers bankrupt … And at that moment arrived in the U.S. Frenchman, who dreamed of opening his business. He created the company, and started working. Local businessmen spinning finger to his temple.

Business immigrant was in sewing fashionable women's clothing! In a country where people are starving! But the company has continued to … work! And successfully. By the end of the Depression the company founder was a millionaire. When reporters asked him: "How did you manage in such difficult country for years to create such a successful business? What's your secret? ". He replied: "You see, when I came from France to America, I only knew French.

So I could not read the newspapers and radio. And I do not know what to crisis in the country. " The second and third paragraph. Crisis, even if he did not touch you, you will inevitably catch up sooner or later, because it global. And he will progress … The panic and fear – the best performance rating for the media. Since no one can predict the future, then this statement without proof. You also do not know their future. Perhaps the crisis will overtake you. Or maybe not. Chances are the same. Are the same as the chances that you will live tomorrow, or possibly die. After all, it is theoretically permissible, is not it? However you choose to believe that after all you live. So Why do not you believe in the best and on the crisis, rather than succumb to scare the screen? The fourth item.

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