Foreign Capital

The appetite of investors for risk applications is in return after eight months of the explosion of global the financial crisis. In the 11 last weeks, the stock funds of emergent countries had attracted US$ 21 billion investors. Already the markets of advanced countries (Japan, Europe and U.S.A.) had lost US$ 14.1 billion. Brazil, China, India and Taiwan have been the main destinations of this wave of investments. The strong flow of dollar for the Stock markets in these countries to a large extent explains the recent valuation of its currencies.

Last week, the ten negotiated currencies more in Asia had closed in its bigger platform in four months. The rupia Indiana if only valued in 4,9% last week, the biggest jump since March of 1996. In Brazil, the dollar ahead accumulates fall of 7,1% of the Real in this month. Preference for the BrasilMesmo in relation to the countries of the Bric (acronym for Brazil, Russia, India and China), the Brazilian market is prominence. China, has one of the best crescimentos, but a market of action that does not protect the minority stockholder and without governana. Russia, although cheap, it on account loses in attractiveness of problems politicians and fort dependence of the prices of the oil. Finally, India, although the potential, still suffers with the diffidence of the investor, after the case of countable fraud of a great company of technology. In the cloth of deep of the preference for Brazil, it is a solid economy, with warm demand domestic, consuming that they had as soon as retaken the confidence in the job had come back to spend, banks capitalized and low dependence of markets well as the American. The managers of deep still are intent to the positive reaction of the market to the reduction for the government of the Tax on Produtos Industrializados (IPI) on automobiles, white and material line of construction.

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