Flashvideo Presentation

Everyone knows that now every video on the web is first converted, and only then it can show thousands or millions of people … But this process is not as fast as necessary to author the video … Why is it anyone? So, once and for all put the record straight I and dispel all the known myths associated with streaming Flash-based video … Some believe that now assemble a video presentation for example, without rules, without delving into the matter, will load it on any video service, and put them in the player code to your blog or website, and after a while they would rush to book a service or product. And most importantly allow for this error is not just new users but also 99% of the professionals! The fact that it is not taken into account is the main factor that 90% of Internet users real speed Internet is much lower than that required for rapid playback in Flash-based video network. And after such a load it just begins to slow, jerky and stop all the time. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Tom Buontempo. Does not that sound familiar? Of course from a 'view' 9 out of 10 people, just walk away and not acquainted with your product. And now is the the main thing …

Recently there was the mass of video resources, offering to fill in your video file, arguing that: 1. "We have exceptional quality at fast speed will be when watching … ' 2. "We have hundreds of thousands of users and that currently has invented a new format that better quality of all the others … ' But you somehow forgot to tell the most important thing that the volume of video files compatible with the fast video playback on the Internet. However, For some reason no one warns you that there are other factors that directly affect the loading speed of your video on the Internet.

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