Fashion Spring

The spring women’s wear newly staged patterns and fresh combined classic even if it looks out there currently still very wintry: especially fashionable it is worth always to extend the sensor in the direction of spring early. Great new trends are waiting to be explored and supported. The stylists of the online women’s Boutique Reroy have summarized three spring trends for all fashion aficionados and tell you how to wear her best: trend 1: camouflage pattern even if the pattern is actually used camouflage overlooked it is not guaranteed that: the camouflage pattern-is currently favorite of fashionistas around the world and really a great catcher if the correct dosage. A camouflage-allover-look would be overkill. Better only part of carrying the it pattern, for example a pair of trousers combined with a simple solid color sweater.

Very skilfully putting himself with camouflage accessories scene, which top fashionably spice up any outfit. The trend is not new, by the way: in the pop culture of the 1960s years, he was just as popular as in the 80s and 90s. Trend 2: Wild West for horse-stealing and Lasso swing are actually much too bad trend parts in the Wild-West style. Yet they exude exactly the correct looseness with its fringe, studs, leather facings and casual cuts to bring us all Cowgirl-like through the adventures of everyday life. Applies also here: A part of Wild West style meets a full body look would be acceptable only in the coming weeks of Carnival. Trend 3: Black and white mix In the spring and summer 2013 the fashion world loves playing with contrasts: at the top is on the trend list therefore combining black and white. Whether as a symmetrical patterns in the pop-art style of the 1960s, as animal pattern or otherwise combined: goes black and white. Each color for a true classic is together they are a hit! The great: Everyone has determined already black and white clothes in the closet, that is to say the trend can be worn immediately without further acquisitions. Whether it is now completely black dressed and a White accessories placed catcher or the two tones evenly or wild mixes which contrast and look always elegant as.

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