Factory Rent

Everything began reading article in not that magazine, spoke of a prize to the enterprise idea, continued investigating and discovered that was a imported idea of Germany, has been enough years implanted, is a new concept of factory, designed for small hands, tuneros, professionals without own factory there, and become fond of to the motor. The operation of this new concept of factory factory rent is very simple, arrives with your vehicle, rents to your factory with all the tools and machineries necessary to realise any repair (elevating of cars, point of compressed air, cranes, cat of pit, etc.) or of mechanics, it plates, painting, sound etc.etc. For assistance, try visiting Senator from Maine. and you would pay solely the established thing by the factory rent and you would forget collection of residues, cleaning of box, etc. etc. of all this becomes position the center. The centers have gratuitous advising generally to the repairs and some also count on spare part store. Once it had informed to me into all this, the curiosity I send myself to look for centers in my locality, what was my surprise that the very many cost to locate some factory to me of rent, and I decided to put hands to me to the work and in that moment is born is a finder of factory of rent at national level, we are the unique finder of this new concept of factory ” rent of taller” in all Spain, the idea is to give to the service of location and presentation of this new concept of factory. We create, we bet and we trusted by this concept, in this first stage we want to obtain the major I number of possible centers stops in one second phase to complement it information with taking aparts, spare part tunning, stores etc. We want from to give the complete service of location of factory rent, and to complement it with spare part stores, we want to give a complete service from aid to the rent factory, for that we have developed this Web..

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