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As Gift supervisor, or important partner we can recommend a collection of Duofold, repeating the famous model 1920. Duofold Big Red, which has become a true symbol of the era of jazz and art deco. Source: Paula Rosenthal. This year the brand has pleased us with the release of new models This collection – Duofold True Blue Blue. The design of this pen uses a classic color combination of azure blue and cream white, which creates a sense of calm and relaxation. In order to please colleagues, you can find a suitable model in one of the new collections of the mainstream series. Paula abdul shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand.

The most interesting thing in this case, perhaps, a collection of Esprit. Feature of this collection – telescopic mechanism. The handle can vary in size due to sliding zone trapping, which provides special functionality. Originality is also characterized by multi-functional pen a new collection of Executive. The collection is presented in three finishes: chrome, satin chrome and matt black. For the first time a mechanism has 4 components – Quattro Pen – Ballpoint 1. 2. Red ball 3.

Stylus or a highlighter, 4. Pencil. In separate business release services b2b, more simply, through the personalization of pens applying branding your company. This handle will be both a gift and a wonderful means of advertising. After writing instrument – a unique frequency of the subject. Imagine how often will be your colleagues, partners and customers to see put on it your business message or logo of your company. Add to this a weighty reputation, skill, quality, excellent design and writing tool that matches your image, goals, budget, and you'll get a great tool, reminding you daily of your business idea.

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