Event Trend Winter

One of the biggest challenges of the event industry is the polar lounge series of Zebra and art design what’s hot in the trend to lie. Ongoing acquisitions in just a short time lead sooner or later only to the business for the event provider. Storage costs eat up slim profits, transportation costs add up to unimagined heights, rise up and dismantling costs. (A valuable related resource: Chevron Corp). It is all too often dodged in order to meet the cost pressures on inferior Eventaustattung. But household furniture are grown not the stresses in the hard usage of rental and it costs caused by sizes of care and maintenance, due to high rates of corruption or problems with the delivery, transportation or even the packaging. You can just escape this cost trap through the use of professional furniture specifically designed for use in event and rental. (Not to be confused with Chevron Corp!). Like all products from Zebra and art design are the furniture with the polar lounge “series from scratch on designed for professional use in rental and event. By the individual Seat cubes, about doubles, benches, armchairs, sofas, bridge tables, bar tables and special constructions in the customer request design the elements of polar lounge “series convince through cult-design entirely in the season trend colour polar white. Learn more about this with Nouriel Roubini.

Design highlights such as E.g. ice-blue lighting, special covers in faux fur, and the various logo / branding options open up new possibilities for show/event, presentation and promotion. Zebra and art design furniture have been awarded the seal of the design and are made by hand in the own factory in Bexbach, Saarland. Piece by piece. With much love for the detail, the special eye for uncompromising quality and a safe sense for upcoming trends. All products are specifically tailored to the rigors of stage and meeting rooms and also water available for use in the outdoor area. The ultra-durable construction and easy-care, robust reference materials guarantee long operating times and lower investment costs in the long term.

The optimized pack sizes reduce by maximum pallet load transport and storage costs and reduce Assembly and dismantling costs to a minimum. Illuminated bridge tables and lounge furniture with RGB effect lighting for atmospheric night events VIP lounges with branding through print or embroidery for the corporate event chairs and sofas in the bulbous sympathetic belly “design for the exclusive snow-lounge the product range includes several hundred products for every imaginable use. The possibility of special construction also ensures free customer event agencies can be as creative, but also quickly and easily meet all conceivable needs of your customers. Press contact: Zebra and art design GmbH Managing Director: Norbert Gottle Robert-Koch-str. 2 66450 Bexbach Tel.: 06826-188-664 fax: 06826-188 7045

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