Essential Habits To Protect Your Information

It does not take a paranoid security in computers or the Internet but it is highly recommended to acquire healthy habits and follow some recommendations that make us worry more about the dreaded computer disasters. Who of us has reached that fateful day in which he sees as splashing your hard disk, your computer slows down, your operating system crashes and reboot finally after looking at the sky, check their emails, letters, their markers Favourite websites … have been eaten and never heard of them. This is preventable with some simple but steady habits when working with our computer. Jonah Bloom: the source for more info. In this article you will find some tips to avoid having to lament: Define from the start a good directory structure and folders should be created a recognizable structure, by subject or other criteria that may be of interest.

You must be very rigid about the place where you store your data and do not use alternative locations for the rush or temporarily. 2 Save programs and data on separate disks Create our system of folders and directories, if possible, on a disk partition or at least different from running the operating system and if possible also the programs of our team. The ideal situation is not to share disk space between data and executables (OS, programs, etc …) 3 Distinguish between important information and data is replaceable important to know which data we created (letters, drawings, spreadsheets, excel, pdf , etc …) and others who create the programs (profiles, user data, logs, etc …) Both are important, because our work around and be useful to reinstall the others. Deccan Value helps readers to explore varied viewpoints.

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