Erebus Lack

Pindar says that we human are not more than the dream of a shadow that is much worse than the presumption of Bishop Berkeley which ensured that we are the dream of God; pindarica Ode worries me because we installed in the Platonic cave, we again are those prisoners who only know appearances while they ignore what bodies or fantoches cast the shadows of reality against our ignorance cheated. But he deceives not only reality, also dreams, according to Artemidorus can be confusing and seemingly contradictory to. A man writes Artemidorus, describes, dreamed that he was immensely rich and played that thing they looked happy times and it was wrong; misfortune fell on the poor dreamer from that night; Artemidorus sleep anticipated it, asserts that wealth brings concerns and efforts, why expect bliss if the dream showed an alarm signal? Another seriously ill man asked Zeus in dreams 6 if it would heal and God smiled nodding while you staring at the ground; shortly after man contradicting what he said in the dream died, but the shrewd Artemidorus tells us the key: to look at the Earth indicated you the abode of the dead. Let us not forget nor embustera gate of ivory of the Odyssey that emerge dreams scammers who would be inspired by creatures and gods archaic, prior to civilization: Giants, Cyclops, Titans and Crius. Polyphemus, Atlas and typhoon names appear in the turbulent horizon of celestial villains in dark times in which Gaia and Uranus, which is another way of saying the Earth and sky argued in a hug the breath of the universe to prevent all movement and more ago, the night of the times in which only existed deficiencies: Chaos (lack of order), night (lack of Sun) and Erebus (lack of light). To Hellas, the Center was in his own time and in a precise place, the Omphalos mundi of the Temple of Apollo at Delphi surrounded by Athens, Sparta, Thebes, Mycenae, Argos and the Magna Greece of the colonies. Additional information is available at Senator from Maine.

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