That question is often, it says? -When I was your age – nobody had that tell me nothing, I knew that it is what should be done. mpecemos by saying that if you are where is it is because you were different from others, why you came and others are in the same position and location, and others out of work. Nothing is product of chance, you remain employed worked as if it were an entrepreneur and surely set a goal and worked hard, very hard to reach it. Former teammates, who not advanced had no wood of businessmen, were employees who aspired to have a job – not a job – but I’m sure that a good percentage of them could be at another position, as employees or as entrepreneurs. So that that percentage would today be successful, should have been trained, but not once, but permanently. So necessary is training it?. Yes, and if you don’t think at the beginning, the business where you worked had no nearby competitors, customer was not so demanding, prices were similar, remember it even had businesses given the luxury of close in winter.

Today everything is different, the prices, qualities, presentations, service, and most importantly customers, because they have the power to make a business successful or a resounding failure. But this will be forever?, response Peter Drucker gave one of his last lectures in the future no shortage of products or services, only be lacking customers if you know it and see it every day put in the place of their client and made the following question why reason I as a customer, should go to that business?, play with the answers, from an order of priority to the list, then analyze them, marking the most important, and you see if they are strong enough to make it that business preferred and nothing else, then try to design strategies catching, unique, different, outstanding; and in terms of staff you must know-how to, motivate them, train them, transfer them pride of belonging, evaluate them, train them to work as a team and give them reason for action. They need that you trained them; their customers actually need it and deserve it so that they do not go to other business, train them! Prof. Juan Carlos Molinari Juan is business consultant, Advisor and trainer in the area of marketing and sales. He advises companies in manufacturing, trade and services. He is a teacher of the subjects: political prices, professional practice and management of staff in the career of Marketing, foreign trade, tourism and hospitality in the Foundation for advanced studies e. Adrogue. Does he worked in relationship of dependency in companies of different industries in hierarchical levels in: sales, administration, training and commercialization in the following companies:? ngelo Paolo SA, Schering Ploug SA, Cia.

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