In accordance with the transformations that the world came suffering, having as starting point the first industrial revolution and as point of alavancada the technological advances of last the 20 years, can be affirmed that the world, globalizado, are each more competitive time, giving to the customer availability of a vast one offers products and services, where the differential perpassa the direction of quality of the same. In the end of all the production process, who makes finishes it contact with the customer is the laborer, the companies in its management of quality brings the marketing where sample that if must identify the necessities of the customer to place them in the end item, however this end item will have well to be offered, who goes to make that is the salesman, who is the employee lives deeply finishes it contact with the customer, does not advance to satisfy the necessities of a customer if the attendance not to follow quality standard the same. The companies adopt the piramidal model of administration inherited of the war centuries and monarchy, that is composed for the employees, supervisors, controlling, directors, vices-president and presidents in an increasing hierarchic order, however what if he has observed in the organizations, are that each hierarchic level carries through its tasks to take care of the necessity of the superior level, this take in them to conclude that the employees do not aim at to satisfy the necessities of the customers and yes to execute its tasks so that he pleases the following hierarchic level. This model of organization, although present it is exceeded, therefore being the reason of the company the customer, each hierarchic level must be worried in filling the necessities of the inferior level, giving conditions to it to execute its tasks, therefore thus the involved employees in the final execution of the product will only be enabled and also worried in satisfying the necessities of the customer.

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