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Some tips for working with the xampp in windows many times not us is one that you work with windows and how easy and fast is settling a xampp.Well now to have a little more organized part of production and development, I usually have everything separated in 2 port 80 for production and 81 for development. -> port 80-> to the directory by c:/xampp/htdocs/it brings by default and with .htaccess-> port 81-> to the directory c:/xampp81 and with an include to get mod_rewrite rules. The first case is achieved simply by installing xampp. Click KBS to learn more. We go with the second. To tell apache to also listen on port 81 open C: xamppapacheconfhttpd. conf and add the line Listen 81 Lo following we do is open c:xamppapacheconfextrahttpd – vhosts.conf and add the following virtual directory C:/xampp81 DocumentRoot/DirectoryIndex index.html ErrorLog c:/xampp81/errorres.log CustomLog c:/xampp81/access.log common RewriteEngine on include c:/xampp81/ AllowOverride All Allow from All as you can see have included also the creation of logs and an include to get rules for mod_rewrite I hope to serve you for help..

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