Distance Text

The distance between the text and the subsequent headings are usually longer than the distance from that header to the associated text. All related elements should be separated by the same size empty space (such as headings and related text, images and captions). Headings used in the headset, or type size must contrast with the main text. Subheadings should be less contrast than the headlines, but more contrast than the main text. Main headings (first level headings) have a size usually 2 points higher, and the headers of the second level – 1 point higher or the same type size as that of the main text. For the titles at any level is often used capitals. Small-caps font is called when lowercase characters appear as reduced capital, small-caps should not be confused with the upper pin is reduced, because is mark different contrast and readability in comparison with the true capital. Header (from the French.

Colonne – column, and armor. Titulus – caption title) are called the header data placed above or below the text each page. Using headers and footers can be strengthened unity of the entire publication. Location permanent footers made in accordance with the type of justification titles in the text. Headers and footers should be easily distinguished from the main text.

Can be recommended for headers and footers italics or small caps of the same font as the main text. Folio (page numbers) are usually placed on one line with a header at the top of the page with the justification to the left or right, or footer row with an interval of one line from the last line of text on the page. As the folio often use Arabic numerals. Sometimes folio are part of the design page. Should determine the maximum number of consecutive lines with hyphens. The general rule is such that they should not be greater than two. Criterion by which you organize transfers – the readability of words with the transfer. Supporters strict rules do not allow that the first part of a hyphenated word was less than three letters, although in practice it is not always possible.

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