Croatian National Theatre

Translation, interpreting, capital of culture on a variety of translators and interpreters is given to much work relating to translations from the field of culture by the choice of Maribor and Guimaraes to the capitals of the year 2012. There is an increasing need for both reach translations German Portuguese as too German to Slovenian. It had a high demand in the year 2011 German Finnish as well as German Estonian given, Turku and Tallinn were capital of culture. Portugal and Slovenia hope a wide public attention in the consciousness of its status as European capital of culture”. To present themselves internationally, cities can generally translate a variety of tourist texts in the different languages. Often, the city administrations or service provider contact from the field city marketing at a reliable translation agency that has all the languages of the world in the program. In the case of Slovenia, texts for the be safe relating to the title of cultural capital of Pohorje from Slovene into German, by the Slovenian to French to translate from Slovenian into Russian etc.? And the Portuguese will need sure text translations on the subject of Guimaraes as the cradle of Portugal. Generally, interest will be in the hotels in Guimaraes and Maribor to make, for example, the power supply card international, by to translate them into Polish, Dutch or Italian.

Asked also translations to Slovenian are German or even Portuguese German or Portuguese in connection with the different projects in the course of the appointment to the cultural capital of Slovenian to the theme restoration of historic buildings, Museum, theatre or even on the subject of conversion of cultural wasteland into cultural centers. On the many cultural events, also professional conference interpreters come to the usage. Generally, the most translation agencies for the booking of Portuguese interpreters are German and Slovenian German interpreters available. In earlier times was Known Guimaraes for its leather industry. Because the stores here declined considerably in recent years, the need for translations around the topic of leather products, leather and leather goods industry has declined. In the Slovenian Maribor, including performances of the Croatian National Theatre will take place. Also the Russian Osipov balalaika Orchestra will occur. Should press conferences take place in the wake of these performances, it is advisable to engage consecutive interpreters for the Croatian or Russian language for this purpose. No warranty / liability is taken for the correctness of the contents.

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