Create A Web Page Or A Simple Blog

Dilemma of businesses and individuals. We create a web page or we opted for the blog? both options have advantages and disadvantages, as the case is know what needs we have and what we need to meet them. The blog is dynamic, fast editing and simple content. It usually provides news of any kind, curiosities and is updated very regularly.However, the design possibilities are limited, as well as the purchase, photo galleries, low capacity of the web storage options is a presentation or representation in the network, a business card with the necessary information and possibilities for interaction that has to show the essence of the company and offer all possible information in clear, simple and structured way. Basically, the blog provides news, web information. That Yes, the design editions, update information etc is slow and laborious, by try one relatively static presentation.

For a small business, association or similar, a simple web page is more than sufficient and, of course, depending on the content, even could suffice with a blog. in the case of business descriptions, product presentations or news of interest generated by the business, i.e. information in text, a blog is enough. However, for any purpose more ambitious, as presentation of product portfolios, shop online, more interactive content, and, of course, greater design possibilities, create a website is essential and is the best option to showcase on the network. The current tendency is marked by the combination of both possibilities. Large enterprises or self-employed people very involved in the online world using the web as a presentation on internet, and blog, with interesting news and comments and curiosities to generate traffic and interest towards your website and, consequently, your company and its products or services. Personally think the blog less fashion (and fastest) generate visits to the website, but that aisladament could not be a showcase or all faithful to the company representative. Thus, I agree with the trend of combining both possibilities, provided we give them appropriate and up-to-date and interesting enough content.

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