Corrugated Pipe Synthetic Floor

Corrugated pipes are tubular channels in plastic-based and highly flexible, due to which almost no need for additional fittings. They can be constructed as the installation of new cable systems, and renovation of existing ones. Such structures are designed for continuous operation and can be installed in residential premises. Usually they are used to open and hidden installation electrical, telephone and television cable, because they protect the network from damage. Possibility of laying on the walls (the walls), ceilings (in the ceiling), from flammable and combustible materials. Self-extinguishing PVC material eliminates the possibility of fire from short circuit and spread of flame along the pipe. The company "Ruvin" manufactures corrugated pipe in PVC, two types of light and heavy. Corrugation heavy equipment has a thickened wall compared with the light, thereby achieving high mechanical strength and the ability to fill in the monolith.

Other characteristics are identical. Corrugation is made according to GOST 50827-95. Color corrugated gray, made of plastic mark RAL 7035, protection class IP 55. Installation temperature range from -5 to +90 . Operational temperature range from -40 to + 45 . The mechanical strength of corrugated light type is 350 N at 5cm. at 20, heavy-duty corrugated strength is 750 N at 5 cm. at 20.

Pipe diameters from 16 to 63 mm with a choice of the strength of the walls for various applications (light and heavy, respectively). For fast, easy, pulling or replacing the cable ripple, a probe – a sturdy steel wire, which facilitates donning corrugations in the wire. Lightweight corrugated pipe used for a compact installation of cabling and protection inside buildings. Pipes are essential for laying Cable in the amount raised-access floors and ceilings where the use of boxes might not be a convenient solution due to their limited flexibility. If it is allowed to use tubes in combination with various types of cables: electrical cables, telephone, computer, etc. Heavy PVC pipes are laid in the floor under a layer of concrete under the ground, because they withstand high installation loads.

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