Client Moment

Airplane flights are favorable scenarios to identify the key attributes of the quality of a company’s service. This sentence was proposed by Karl Albretch when it makes reference to the report card of the client, which is something like the book bringing our children home to measure their performance in school. Think of your favorite restaurant, that place where usually go often and which we got certain attributes and expectations that make it special. It is that I had the opportunity to take a national flight back to Lima. The company that hired me bought the tickets at a new airline that makes competition to the leading company in the Peru. In the flight of ida had a delay of 40 minutes, then on the return flight took place some situations that encouraged me to write this article.

The first moment of truth that I remember was when approached me the counter Lady I attended with a cute smile and good attitude, then that he gave me the ticket, I left and I decided me to make payment departure tax, shortly after me di account that had not made the procedure for entry of my luggage into the hold of the aircraft had it with me.So I went back and had to wait much more time that led me to the home. Had two rows, nobody told me where I could meet, a lady complained that she came first. In addition, they were attending to another lady who required wheelchair and had to fill out a lengthy form could say that it was a critical moment. Already in the plane waiting for takeoff, thought the importance of trust and its relationship with the speed and cost, such as Covey refers in his book the confidence factor and is the phrase trust does not have price has increasingly more importance in modern times; stress levels correlate an important when an episode is measured across the trust. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Henry Cornell has to say.

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