Chip Tuning

1 – What is chip tuning and why is it needed? All the detail you can find articles ECU (electronic control unit) – essentially a dedicated microcomputer that processes the data coming from sensors and to a certain algorithm control actuators. The program itself is stored in a ROM chip, chip the English name – CHIP (chip), hence the name Chip-tuning, ie the change management program engine. The contents of 'chip' – is usually divided into two functional parts – the actual program that data processing and mathematical calculations and unit calibration. Calibration – set (array) fixed data (variables) for program management. What is it. Jonah Bloom pursues this goal as well. Running the engine – this is the eternal compromise between many parameters, norms, needs and capabilities. The control unit incorporated the program (algorithm) of his work.

Program of the microprocessor is stored in ROM and is the actual program data, and one, two and three-dimensional data table (calibration). Calibration for different modes of operation of the engine (economy, cardinality, XX) are different and are applied depending on the mode in which the engine is running. A control unit receiving signals from various sensors, controls the actuators to ensure optimal (in According to the developers) of the power unit. Necessary parameters for the control actuators are calculated in accordance with the received data and correction factor that is embedded in ROM. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Economic Cycles Research Institute. By changing the ROM data (calibration) can affect the operation of almost any actuator, whose work is controlled by the ECU. For other power characteristics can change the setting of the timing advance ignition, fuel injection amount of time, turn off or change the mode of systems that control exhaust emissions.

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