Champions League

Today on opened a new blog "bench from under their feet." To acquaint readers with the leading blog, we took him for an interview. Good afternoon, Vadim Vadim …: Let's just agree: no names. You know, my popularity and so is quite high, I do not want extra attention. All these paparazzi, tabloids, well, you know … F: We understand. The first question is, why did you decide to name your blog "bench from under my feet?" Blogger (B): In fact, long history. For most of this season I spent on the bench at his club, well, and decided to somehow incorporate this into your blog, you know. A related site: Lakshman Achuthan mentions similar findings. That is reflected …

in short. F: Why did you decide to start your own blog? B: Sitting on the bench very often notice something that is not visible from the field or from the podium. For example, the coaches are working mainly near the bench, but they often run out in the technical area, something there and shout something missing. And I watch the whole season games only (!) From the bench, so I do not escape from the nuances that are visible from here! I think readers might be interested. F: What kind of beer do you prefer? B: Baltic three, in the bars drinking any light draft.

F: Why did you decide to write it on B: You know, do not try particularly shine, but now offered – agreed. F: This season you have not played a single game as motivation to keep training? B: You know, very much like soccer. Sometimes you look a match thread Premier League and go to practice. If on the box show the Champions League, it often looked one time, immediately go outside to run around the house, so here's my football motivating. Well, and everyday is different things into a habit: in the morning exercise, diet, do not drink, do not smoke … F: … uh-uh, you Well said lyubivoe beer Baltika-3 … D: Well … uh … this is-e … I'm so short … time for me to workout at. Later, by telephone, the author promised to frequently update your blog and talk about different things that may be of interest to ordinary fans.

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