Car Customers

In winter demand for rental cars, compared with summer, is reduced by 15-20%. Some machines have to be idle, and at the same time big companies try to reduce the park rental cars, selling old cars. Closer to spring purchased new. Regardless of the class offered at the car hire about half of the customers – people who lost their own machine temporarily on account of repairs, theft or planned replacement. Significant portion are motorists who take the car as an alternative to their own. Official celebrations for sedans, SUVs, for going out of town and pickup trucks to transport furniture. The proportion of such customers can reach 25%. Another quarter – the people who do not own cars, and visitors.

For this reason, it turns out that the most promising way to promote their services rent a car – a partnership with a variety of services and car dealers where customers seek to repair their machines. Recently in the premium segment, a new class of customers who take a car for a test drive. They want to have a closer look acquainted with the car, before making a decision about buying it. Great demand in the rental companies are "seasonal" vehicles such as convertibles. For many clients, a simpler solution is to take a machine for a few summer months, you buy it, and then wrestle with where to store the winter. Also at the box office rent of machines removed the issue of a subsequent purchase machines, and each season you can take something new, keeping up with fashion and not spending a lot of money.

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