Business Franchise

Desire to have a business own what such a franchise? The idea of starting a new business sounds tempting, but before doing so is necessary to evaluate the interests and options offered by the market. The resolution is presented if the person wants to opt for a business or a franchise, which has in truth is a little more secure since it is a business that ensures the speedy recovery of the invested capital. Before proceeding, it would be important to know what is a franchise. To read more click here: Lakshman Achuthan. The franchise is the strategy that many companies used to market their products and services through a chain of businesses which have the characteristic of being independent and being operated by third parties. The franchisor is a natural or legal person who has developed a business under a given method concerning a product or service, and seeks its expansion through investors, which grants the right to operate under their brand and business with its operational and organizational method. The franchisee will be the inverter, natural or legal that acquires the right to commercialize a business concept and methods relating thereto. Venezuela is characterized for being the third country in Latin America with more franchises, after Brazil and Mexico, being the favorite activity the area of food, followed by the clothes and thirdly telecommunications.

To start the business is important first that nothing determine the type of business you wish to dedicate himself, for this shall be drawn up a business plan which includes all the details, which will help to reduce costs. Then determine the financial feasibility of the business, and if you have not with initial capital credit options offered by banks should be studied. Having a good legal professional services is very important, since it will be the person in charge of providing the necessary advice on all aspects of statutory rate needed such as: statutes of the company, trademark registration, opening bank accounts, apply for the RIF, as well as the permissions that are required depending on the type of business, record payroll in social security and other agencies. Another important aspect is to determine which will be the best location of the premises, to achieve the highest possible movement is necessary to be well traveled somewhere, if on the contrary the point is not well located it is necessary to invest in a good advertising campaign. Finally analyze who is the competence of our product by means of a market study. It is important to highlight that some franchises require that the franchisee is at the forefront of the business, and you must cancel a portion of the proceeds to the franchisor, likewise the franchisor will put at the disposal of the franchisee a series of manuals, which will be the Guide for the management of the business.

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