Brief Characteristics Of World Zinc Market

Zinc has a number of qualitative characteristics, which contributes to its wide distribution in many industries. Annually, the zinc industry is investing in the global economy contributed about 40 billion dollars. On enterprises zinc industry employs more than 230 thousand employees. Nouriel Roubini is often mentioned in discussions such as these. And, only in America and Europe more than 250 factories and 350, respectively, with total employment of more than 150 thousand. To know more about this subject visit Senator from Maine. In recent years, consumption and production of zinc in all the world is growing rapidly.

As observers in addition to the ever-increasing share of production of conventional alloys and components based on zinc it is increasingly used in the production of special, with unique properties and the appointment of composite materials. The share of zinc in the chemical industry and the manufacture of composites, accounts for about 9%. However, a large piece of metal, usually consumed steel industry, which uses the metal in the production of coated steel. For example, in European countries, including Russia, the share of zinc in the steel industry accounts for more than 47% of the produced metal. Galvanized steel is typically used in the manufacture of car bodies and the production of sheets and strips, working in challenging hostile environments.

In addition to the use of zinc in the production of galvanized steel, it is also used in the manufacture of bronze and zinc alloys. Brass as well as steel are used in various industries and their production accounts for about 19% of the of zinc. For the production of zinc alloys (both based on nickel and aluminum and using a variety of precision metal) accounts for about 14%. The consumption of zinc in the world in the last 5 years has increased steadily. Particularly high (up to 5-10% per year) rate increased zinc intake in Asia and Europe. But in America, especially the North, the peak consumption of zinc has on the 1999 and 2000, when its total consumption reached 2.0 million tons. Then, because broke out in America the financial crisis and the widespread decrease in consumption, the use of zinc decreased. Currently, the consumption of zinc in America continues at the level of 1,9-2,0 million tons a year. Excess zinc on the world market for 2007 amounted to 156 thousand tons of zinc production totaled 11 million tons, which is 3.9% higher than in 2006. Production of refined zinc increased by 665 thousand tons, up 11.229 million tons, due to the Asian countries (especially China), increasing global production by 554 thousand tons of zinc output in the EU-27 rose 1.6%, and in the nafta production fell by 14 thousand tons of world demand for zinc increased by 278 thousand tonnes compared with 2006. Chinese demand has reached 3.585 million tons and 32% of total demand.

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