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However, users report that WM is not always intuitive, and obviously – not the leader in performance. Symbian OS – the system that actively use on smartphones, different manufacturers, but particularly excelled in the Nokia, which, incidentally, recently bought the operating system. For Symbian is also full of modules, so that the functionality of smart phones based on it will not give Windows Mobile. And although I have not had to use a long time these devices, I say: if you use your smartphone Nokia and happy – something to change it because of the OS you should not. Palm OS, Mac OS and RIM – the operating systems for specific devices manufactured by Palm, Apple and BlackBerry. These devices (not counting the company's Iphone Apple) are not very common in our country.

In a world of more than Iphone, recently gaining popularity BlackBerry. Android – these devices in Ukraine is still not at all, because the OS did not appear until 2008, but the leading manufacturer in the world of smartphones, HTC in 2009, half of his promises to make devices based on Android. And the fact that the manufacturer Android is Google, it only adds interest and hope. I should add that the Android smartphone is more suitable, but is oriented (as are all recently after the Iphone to the control of the fingers). In the online store 'Brownie' computer Donetsk (my hometown) is currently represented by the following models of PDAs and smartphones in the category of PDA in Donetsk (I will mention only worthy of attention): smartphone ASUS MyPal M930 (good in that, unlike most models of firm ASUS it does not want to use as a brick, but it is fast and productive) communicator E-Ten Glofiish M800 (great device with a qwerty-keyboard at an affordable price, and availability of the module GPS) device HTC Touch Diamond (P3700) (firm HTC – leader production communicators, and HTC Touch Diamond – best communicator in 2008 in Ukraine) PDA HP IPAQ 114 (once HP has been a leader in the production of such devices, now have lost their positions, but this device with good performance and battery life work) In total, we understand in today's mobile computers and surveillance have gone through major operating systems, although, of course, every manufacturer and every operating system worthy of a separate article.

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