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We hope that such a representation of Belarusian database will brief summary of experience of database users data on the enterprises of the Republic as set out below. Annual telephone directory business, "Business-Belarus" (Producer: JV "Belfakta Media"). Produced from 1994 on CD and as a printed catalog. When collecting information contact made directly with the companies in order to double and more accurate data. Updating is carried out annually. Can search by the following criteria: company name, address, phone the desired product or service. Allows you to print out the information in one list, and print on an envelope or mailing labels for mailing.

Kolichestvopredpriyaty in printed edition – 40,000 (forty thousand) in November 2010 by According to the website -. For a definite plus include ease of development and availability of public sector enterprises, as well as a number of agencies, higher and secondary educational institutions, schools, kindergartens, notaries, etc. But there are cons. Many enterprises found at least contact information, often from just one phone number. Production companies often turns out in detail, often not listed in the company of their own products, and heading in which enters the enterprise. To be fair, that these disadvantages are "conditional" nature, as "Business-Belarus" did more than a telephone directory, not a database. Therefore, logically, that there no contacts, no opportunities for editing information is restricted functional printing, for example, you can not edit their own template, change its style and design. In addition it should be noted that this publication advertising, and therefore contains banner ads, and sometimes even TV commercials, and therefore takes up more space on your computer than we would like.

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