Bank Payments

Some of these payments is mandatory for any mortgage transaction is Depending on which bank takes the credit (for a discussion of the application, the organization and delivery of credit, opening and maintaining accounts, withdrawals to availability). Another part arises in any transaction of sale, even if the mortgage credit is not used (real estate valuation, collateral and insurance, etc.). Misconception 5. All risks are insured borrower is a common misconception, due to the fact that each mortgage transaction necessarily insured. When buying an apartment through a mortgage, banks usually require the following types of insurance: insurance of property rights, property and life and disability of the borrower. All insurance costs shall be the borrower. At the same time fear is not the risk of borrower, and the risks of the bank, and in case the insured event all payments will be made exactly in favor of the bank. If desired, the borrower can insure their risks, but for this he will have to pay separately. Delusions 6. If a contractor accredited by the bank to freeze construction of the facility, at which time the borrower can not pay the loan, and with the developer to understand the bank in fact a credit agreement lies between the two parties to a mortgage transaction: the buyer (borrower) and the bank, so the loan payments do not depend on external circumstances, payments must be in accordance with the schedule of loan contract. Vcu health can provide more clarity in the matter. In this case, the bank has no legal leverage over the developer.

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