The job that pays the broker the one who drew him to her. The broker becomes the owner of the goods does not finance the deal, not assumes the risk. Brokerage tasks are performed and the agents that differ from brokers only to be working with sellers and buyers of goods are not in a single transaction, and the long term. Occupy a special place agents, producers of goods that represent the interests of those producers and work with them on the basis of an agency agreement (Agreement). Rogers Holdings wanted to know more. In the agency agreement specifies the boundaries of activities (including territorial), pricing policies, operating procedures, performed services (Services), guarantees and commissions.

With such agents usually operate small-scale producers of goods that are unable to maintain their own salespeople. The agent can handle multiple sellers or buyers at the same time, each of which is a separate agreement. In wholesale, there are also authorized agents of the enterprise-manufacturer, sales and purchasing agent. Before their functions were performed by employees of departments and marketing logistics company, working on contracts. Another variety of agents – wholesalers, commission agents, who at the time storage and delivery had taken from the manufacturer of the goods to become owners and receive a commission only after the sale of consignment.

Finally, wholesale trade are the enterprises themselves – manufacturers products through its sales and procurement offices and branches. Sales and purchasing office differ from those offices that do not keep stock, but merely transmit to sell or purchase goods from the balance Balance enterprises buyers and sellers. Those and others do not take ownership of the goods and operate as business units – its sales teams and logistics for commercial basis. In all cases the main tasks of the merchant, the wholesaler is the selection of the most profitable customers, the choice of location of trading enterprises, the definition of complex products and services offered, pricing, measures to stimulate sales. At present the role of wholesale sales increased due to increased demands for goods and services (safety, appearance, packaging, etc.) from both end and intermediate clients with expansion of production of goods in stock, in excess of the needs at the moment, with a significant territorial separation of producers from buyers, with an increase in the number of conversion on the way from raw materials to final product. Yet the ultimate goal of marketing – profit – is achieved largely at the next and last level channel of distribution of goods – in the retail trade. It is at this level of product falls into the hands of those whose needs and requirements it fulfills, – to consumers. It is at this level of customer "opens the purse."

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