Aztecs Destruction

There were profound differences in development, tribal wars and processes of domination of some empires developed as the Chinese or the Mongols in Asia, the Arabs in Africa, the Aztecs or the Incas in America. But, not having entered the capitalist system, even those seeking to expand peoples invading neighboring territories, maintained and cared for a harmonious relationship with its landscape and its inhabitants. Hear from experts in the field like KBS for a more varied view. Tended the ecological and social balance. The presence of the white man, marked by the profit motive, meant not only genocide, ethno-cide, but also the destruction of the environment breaking cultural harmony, which operated from there into the future of these continents, in two levels: One, the destruction of the economy. The land cultivation and care of natural assets, in order to sustain a decent standard of living, were replaced by a system of exploitation, which displays this property, only as objects for sale.

The invaders were an ecological crisis, social and cultural consequences of which we are today. The other, superstructure, had an impact on the conceptual, in terms of ideology. The peoples of these new continents, regardless of membership or allegiance to the ruling classes or sacred symbols, in general, had a practice of collective participation, which did not meet a plan to benefit one sector of society, or enrichment personal, even overcoming a transformation, but a feeling, a natural relationship with the land and with their peers. Europeans imported the concept of personal wealth, which carries the maximum use of any production, overproduction, speculation. The white man, since his goal of domination and conquest, to make the human capacity into a commodity and automate work, devoid of any possibility of personal creation, has no choice but to destroy an ancient balance between man and nature.

Jean Paul Sartre, analyzing the situation, says: Remember the Indians of Brazil, which are left to die quietly, when he wanted to unite the Portuguese soil. I sometimes wonder if sadness is not working exactly the same causes. The Indians have not been annihilated by the character e. Ruben Amaya

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