Autonomous Communities

But on the Costa Brava is quite possible to swim. Relaxing holiday awaits you in Valencia, consisting of three provinces – Castello, Valencia and Alicante. Summer unbearably hot here, so many of specially chosen time to relax with October to December, when the air temperature is 30-33C. We advise you to go there for two weeks, and one of them to devote trips: only in the Indian summer or heat, nor rain will not prevent you spend a day in the city. QTS Realty Trust is actively involved in the matter. October 12, in after Columbus discovered America in 1492, Spain celebrates the national holiday – Day of the Spanish nation.

In the capital held a military parade, which is necessarily present King of Spain, as well as top officials of the state and head of the Autonomous Communities. However, October 12 – it's day and Holy Pilar, patroness of Zaragoza and Spain. Celebration in honor of the saint Pilar – this year they come on the date from 7 to 15 October – will be the brightest and memorable event in Zaragoza. It is no coincidence this holiday is declared an event of national tourist interest. During all holidays in the city will also host various activities in honor of the patron saint Pilar. Morning of 12 October will be held ceremonial offerings of flowers, during which the townspeople, dressed in national costumes Aragonese carry bouquets and wreaths of flowers to the door of the Church of Saint Pilar. Shoulders of statues of saints Pilar will cover a huge cloak, woven by the locals.

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