The good MARKETING is basic for all entity, either great or small it, or with lucrative or not, national or global ends. Example of that it was said in the text on the Marketing, I will say a brief commentary on a good attendance that I have in a supermarket in my city, the attendance is very efficient, not only I, harms other people are taken care of well for the employees, controlling, it ties the proprietor is giving to assistance, giving there suggestions orientaes for its employees and for the customers, to the times the customer has difficulty to find some type of product, immediately the employee to arrive and of the assistance, also products of excellent quality are lesser price, also have the delivery in domicile that very important for many customers, toasts in purchases, drawings, this attracts many customers, forgot to say has ties cafezinho. The company, for me not only bad for all its clientele, makes possible and the impossible one so that consuming we have an excellent assistance, and they offer in them beyond excellent products and a pleasant environment, bad also respect is essential for the success of a company. There with certainty the performance of the Marketing this in weight. Learn more at: QTS Realty Trust. The function of the Marketing in any company is it of small or great transport, is to satisfy the necessities of the customers. Customers taken care of well, satisfied with the product that the company always offers to return bringing more customer, because its necessities had been taken care of there, paying for a lesser price, and with the promotions that the company offered, also having a pleasant environment with excellent employees passing them not only a good attendance, harms also satisfying its necessities of day-by-day. Exercises 1-Os two walk together, I would say that yes, more the Marketing is everything that involves the promotion (to promote) the product of this the packing ties the propaganda; also it studies the market, I decided in which region to launch the product, to decide for which profile of people to launch the product. .

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