Moreover, the important characteristics most common and of the SA can be divided in some ample categories: the social difficulties, the interests specific and intense, and peculiarities in speak and the language. Other characteristics are comumente associates with this syndrome, but nor always taken as necessary to the diagnosis. This section mainly reflects the vises of Attwood, Gillberg and Wing on the characteristics most important of the SA; criteria DSM-IV represent a distinct vision slightly. A SA generally is camouflaged and many people with the upheaval coexist the ones perfectly that do not have. The effect of the SA depend on as the affected individual answers to the proper syndrome. 1.3. The social context of Ahead of the importance of the social environment in the life them people, either these deficient ones or not, and although not to have a common distinction to all the carriers of SA, the difficulties with universal the social conviviality are practically e, therefore, also they are one of the more excellent defining criteria.

The people with SA do not have natural ability of enxergar the subtextos of the social interaction, and can not have capacity to express its proper emotional state, resulting in comments and commentaries that can sound offensive although well-meaning, or in the impossibility to identify what he is socially ' ' aceitvel' '. The informal rules of the social conviviality that distress the SA carriers are described as ' ' the resume oculto' '. The Aspergers needs intellectually to learn these social aptitudes in clear way, dries, logic as mathematical, instead of intuitivamente by means of the normal emotional interaction. The individuals with SA do not have capacity to catch information on the cognitivos and emotional states of other people based on ' ' pistas' ' left in the social environment and traces as the face expression, corporal language, mood and irony. .

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