Armed Forces

Worse, same suspicion it falls again on gold and all rocks precious (everything what the Capitalism values), being very probable that such preciosidades are not (so) rare in the Land as the capitalist interest wants making to believe in them, a time that if will not be rare, its value will decay acentuadamente, reducing profits and diminishing the wealth of the ambition of the powerful ones. It does not have one still proves ACCURATE in the Land, but, at least in the space, Science already proved that the gold and the diamond are common in the cosmos, to the point of if finding, in each star, melted elements as gold rivers and an entire diamond star, as you can read here in this article. 3o) Great earthquakes can, yes, to be directly associates to the extrations of oil, therefore these intervene with the balance of the intratectnicos spaces and with ' ' pesagem' ' of the plates, making possible its movement and release of shock waves. That is hard to hear, but perfectly condizente with the description of aggressions of the Man to the Nature, and also with the indisfarvel incidence of the badness in the heart of the animal-man, who never loses a chance to invent a new decisive weapon to win conflicts between nations or to execute a expansionista invasion. This loads the bad one smells of Machiavellian scientists (that works for high steps of the Armed Forces of the superpowers, nicknamed ' ' generals-loucos' '), which already had received orders and mounts of money to develop a CLIMATIC WEAPON, if it is that this already does not exist and if already would not have been tested successfully. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Dara Khosrowshahi by clicking through. That is very bad to know, but it is the minimum that I can say in relation to the information that we search in the informed sources..

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